How does the floor heat not heat in the home do? So these ar

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The weather is getting colder and colder, but many people are facing a problem, home floor heating is not hot, why? It was fine last year, but I didn't touch it. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why the floor heating is not hot. It may be a decoration problem, or it may just be because you did not give it gas, or it may be able to solve oh!
One: the use of the floor heating system
1. Initial use or long-term unused
The reason why the floor heating is not hot: when the floor heating is used for the first time or not used for a long time, the water temperature is low, and the heating is slow. The external temperature is low, and it may reach the ideal temperature for more than ten hours. Heating time is too long to cause consumers to mistake the problem for floor heating.
Solution: this is not the quality of the heating itself, as long as the initial heating patiently wait to rise.
2. Insufficient pipe pressure
The reason why the floor heating is not hot: some households have too high floors or are not at the end of district heating, and the pipeline pressure is not enough. If the pressure cannot reach the expected, then the flow rate of water will directly reduce. In this case, there is not enough hot water in the pipes. Since the water supply isn't very good, the heat doesn't get hot.
The solution of underfloor heating is not hot: this case needs to find a heating company or property to solve, if can not solve, it is recommended to install circulation pump to improve the circulation of heating water to achieve the ideal heating effect.
3, the pipeline has gas
The reason why the floor heating is not hot: the main bar of the floor heating is hot, and the backwater bar is not hot. It is because there is air in the pipe, and there is air in the geothermal pipe, which hinders the water circulation, so that the hot water cannot enter the loop and cannot be circulated. General water separator will have exhaust valve, the role is exhaust, the new use, installation of geothermal must be exhaust.
The solution of the floor heating is not hot: open the air in the pipe with the air release valve on the water distributor, and release the air until the hot water is released. For example, your house is a six-way water distributor. First, close the five-way water distributor (you can only operate all the way), open the backwater exhaust valve, and discharge water in one way until the water only comes out and no air is released, and so on.
4. Uneven loop
The reason why the floor heating is not hot: the heating effect of other users in the same district is good, but the effect of their own is not good, the construction loop of the floor heating is not uniform.
The solution of not hot floor heating: use the small valve on the water separator to mediate the circulation of each circuit, so that it can even circulation, to achieve the ideal heating effect.
5. The filter is blocked
The reason why the floor is not hot: the water purifier on the bar have a filter, to filter impurities, because of too many impurities in the water, resulting in filter blockage, the flow rate of water decreased, the heat pipe has no flow, natural geothermal heat is not hot.
The solution that floor heating is not hot: open filter with adjustable wrench, clean the filter net inside, it is ok to go back from new installation, also can look for professional personnel to undertake cleaning.
6. The floor heating is not cleaned for a long time
The reason why the floor heating is not hot: the maintenance of the floor heating equipment is not timely, not in place to cause the floor heating is not hot. In the floor heating system, the average annual pipe scale is 1mm, and this 1mm thick scale can cause the water temperature to drop 6, the area with poor water quality is more serious. The thermal conductivity of scale is extremely poor. In the process of heat transfer, scale increases from 0mm to 0.35mm, and the heat exchange rate decreases to 79%. That is to say, when scale thickness reaches 0.35mm, 23% of heat will not be converted normally. In addition, the floor heating heating system mainly USES the specially designed pipeline loop structure, complex shape, the line is longer, the change of water temperature will produce calcium magnesium ions scale, central heating will be rust dirt, bacteria and algae, etc., such as irregular processing, long-term attachment on the pipe wall, can lower the temperature of the heating system of floor heating, a failure, and even cause the floor heating pipe embolism.
Solution: the floor heating equipment needs to be cleaned every year before heating, if the floor heating has not been cleaned for a long time, users should ask a professional floor heating cleaning company to complete.
Ii. Design of floor heating system
1. The pipe length of the whole loop is generally determined according to the heat source mode when designing the floor heating system.
2. The ground structure is different, the ground structure is different from the external heat dissipation is different, the floor radiation heat may not meet the thermal load, resulting in the room is not hot.
3. According to the different structure and orientation of the building, different thermal loads should be selected. If the same is chosen, the design thermal load may be less than the actual heating load of the room, resulting in the room is not hot.
4. Design the coil spacing. The floor heating designer should choose the appropriate coil spacing according to the heat load. Space is too large, radiation heat dissipation is small, it may not be hot.
5. There is no exhaust device on the heating loop, which causes breath-holding and the system is not hot.
Three: the construction of the heating system
1. Tube spacing does not meet the design requirements.
2. Before laying the pipe, the sundries inside the pipe were not carefully cleaned and kept clean, which caused the pipe blockage.
3. Unreasonable operation and barbarous construction by construction personnel resulted in dead bending and flattening of pipelines, resulting in poor water flow and increased resistance.
The reason that floor heating is not hot and the solution is about above a few points, what is the reason that floor heating is not hot to see your home quickly? Early settlement, early can warm as before!