Brand honor

Modern home life, because of environmental factors caused by life problems
OREGX (oreg) provides intelligent and comfortable living environment for people with advanced technology and high-quality products
Let everyone in their own living space back to the most comfortable state.

  • 2017-2021

    Brand selection in southeast of rongchuang (covering 3 provinces and 12 cities)
    Melt gen zhang platform nine and chung melt gen wangjiang house hangzhou chong qing fu hangzhou riverside city of hangzhou in harmony and Hou Chao mansion melt and the era of the city of hangzhou and hangzhou cinda printing center in hangzhou one courtyard melt and the appropriate and park in ningbo, hangzhou and ningbo ningbo melt gen tree from ningbo office and chung jia nanjing melt gen yulan residence in hefei in hefei one courtyard number one hospital of hefei melts and government affairs jiangnan one hospital of shaoxing, hefei looks at the tide

  • 2017-2021

    hangzhou yangguang city wenlan mansion hangzhou yangguang city tanyue yangguang city future yue fuyang lushan yue jiang mansion Fei li coast

  • 2017-2021

    Sunac Shanghai regional brand selection (Shanghai, suzhou, wuxi, changzhou and nanjing project)

  • 2014-2019

    Greentown, binjiang, poly, wharf, green are qualified supplier brands
    In taizhou greentown hangzhou greentown jiangnan crape myrtle garden green city yiwu hangzhou greentown rose garden, fragrant garden lanyuan hangzhou greentown greentown linan peach spring greentown greentown emerald city ng county phoenix rising surge plum singing huangshan spring in wuhan, hangzhou greentown huangpu bay GuiYu jiangnan in binjiang Wu Linyi, hangzhou binjiang cinda one product the city of hangzhou binjiang jinxiu binjiang poly emerald coast apartment house pool in hangzhou binjiang China hangzhou binjiang xianghu lake one number Binjiang xianghu hangzhou poly central mansion binjiang emerald star hangzhou poly giant jing ningbo poly tianyue Kowloon warehouse hangzhou junxi Kowloon warehouse hangzhou longxi green city dinglan mansion green city cloud and lake