Floor heating industry definition and classification analysi

2019-09-03 12:58 admin
Radiant floor heating is an old and new technology. According to the in-depth research report on the forecast of supply and demand prospect of China's floor heating industry in 2016-2021, with the coming of the era of science and technology, the surface heating technology has developed from the original flue heat radiating kang heating to the surface radiant heating based on modern materials. Floor heating industry definition and classification analysis details are as follows.
Definition of floor heating
Radiant Floor Heating is the abbreviation of Radiant Floor Heating. With the whole Floor as the radiator, the Radiant Floor is uniformly heated through the heat medium in the Radiant layer of the Floor. The purpose of Heating is to use the law of heat storage and upward radiation of the Floor to conduct conduction from bottom to top.
Water floor heating refers to the water heating to a certain temperature, transmission to the floor of the pipe cooling network, through the floor heating and achieve the purpose of a heating way.
Low temperature ground thermal media in the indoor foot bottom to the head gradually decreasing temperature gradient, so as to give people with feet warm head cool comfort. Radiant floor heating conforms to the fitness theory of "warm foot and cool", which is the most comfortable heating mode at present, and also the symbol of modern life quality.
Heat media quality is divided into water and earth warm electric floor heating two categories, from the paving structure is divided into wet type floor heating and dry type floor heating, dry type floor heating does not need bean stone backfill (belong to ultra-thin); From the surface decoration material is divided into floor type floor heating and floor tile type floor heating; From the function is divided into ordinary floor heating and far infrared floor heating.
Classification of floor heating
The ground radiative heating is divided into water ground heating and electric floor heating according to different heating modes, and electric floor heating has heating cable heating and electric heating film heating carbon fiber electric heating.
Water floor heating, namely, low-temperature hot water ground radiant heating, is a heating method that USES hot water with a temperature not higher than 60℃ as the heat medium, circulates in the heating tube, heats the floor, and provides indoor heating through radiant (main) and convection (secondary) heat transfer.
Heating cable ground radiant heating is a heating method that heating the floor with low-temperature heating cable as the heat source, and heat transfer to indoor heating through the ground mainly by radiation and convection (secondary). Commonly used heating cable is divided into single - core cable and double - core cable. The twin-core cable has no magnetic field or radiation.
Low temperature radiation electrothermal film is a kind of semi-transparent polyester film which can generate heat after electrification. It is made of special conductive ink and metal current carrying strip after processing and hot pressing in insulation polyester film. Working with carbon-based ink as the heating body, the heat into the form of radiation space, make the human body get warm.
YX foamed concrete is made of special foaming agent, cement and auxiliary materials in an appropriate proportion of YX foamed concrete insulation material.