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2019-09-03 12:58 admin
In recent years, the way of heating in the south is becoming more and more diversified. Due to the difference in the effect of equipment difference heating, floor heating stands out from the numerous heating equipment. As a rookie in the family heating system, floor heating is getting more and more attention. But actually a lot of people still have a lot of misunderstanding to floor heating not letter? Small make up to listen to you!
(1) installed air conditioning but also installed floor heating, belong to repeat investment?
NO!!!!! Use the floor heating with relatively low energy consumption in winter, and use air conditioning refrigeration in summer, air conditioning USES a summer only one year, service life also can extend accordingly, still be very cost-effective from long-term consideration.
(2) floor heating installation will occupy the floor?
NO!!!!! Normal floor heating installation will occupy the floor height of 7-8cm at most, ultra-thin floor heating even only 12MM, so laying floor heating will not have too big impact on living space.
(3) the floor heating pipe buried in the ground, easy to leak?
NO!!!!! Although the floor heating pipes are underground, but there is no interface in the underground pipe, and the traditional radiator is now generally underground installation, but underground joint, and joint location is most prone to problems, so the floor heating is actually safer than the radiator.
(4) once the problem will be difficult to repair it? Or is it expensive to maintain?
NO!!!!! Strictly in accordance with the national standards to construction is absolutely no problem, now the floor heating leakage phenomenon is due to the majority of non-standard floor heating company only figure construction speed, do not pay attention to construction quality.
5. Floor heating tube for a long time easy to block, heating effect will decline?
NO!!!!! Wall hanging furnace is commonly used for independent heating. The water in the floor heating circuit is closed and basically does not need to be replaced. The floor heating connected to the central heating system is subject to corrosion and aging of the central heating pipes, so it is necessary to consider the problem of blockage. However, it is ok to add a filter device to the floor heating, and the heating effect will not decline in 7-8 years.
6. Noise from floor heating?
NO!!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!!! On the contrary, the floor heating also has very good sound insulation and noise reduction effect...
At present our country floor board chooses prefabricated board or cast-in-situ board commonly, its sound insulation effect is poorer, use floor heating to increase heat insulation layer, it has very good sound insulation effect, can reduce noise pollution. Whole floor heating process is silent, indoor environment is quiet, did not have the noise of air conditioning fan, reduced the interference to the life of indoor dweller, work, study.
That's it. Have you been shot? Is it wrong about the floor heating? It's not too late to clear the air.