Floor heating wood maintenance, cleaning skills

2019-09-03 12:59 admin
As wooden floor walks into numerous families since, a lot of friends understood how to maintain a floor, but neglected floor heating maintains however, today we are told to tell the wooden floor that contains floor heating maintains means.
1, want to clean filter before use, had better clean filter before entering winter floor heating to use, have maintenance effect to floor heating not only so, also avoided the effect that produces to wood floor of occurrence leakage at the same time. When filtering strictly check whether there is a blockage, damage and other problems, do not put sundries into the floor heating.
2, the floor heating pipeline every two or three years to clean, the floor heating system to adopt a special pipeline laying structure, its internal structure is complex, as the water temperature change is easy to appear dirt, bacteria and other conditions, if not long-term treatment attached to the bottom of the wood floor will lead to failure, will have an impact on the wood floor.
3, the annual winter heating must be strictly in accordance with the heating process, do not suddenly hot and cold temperature instant promotion, so wood floor maintenance will occur problems, accelerate wood floor heating and cooling expansion and contraction will be out of shape, and the floor heating pipeline is easy to aging, even on your furniture will have an impact.
4, if the installation of floor heating when the season is not used to avoid the water separator freezing crack, resulting in soaking phenomenon of water on the wood floor. Air compressor should be used to draw out all the moisture inside to avoid frost cracking, icing and other problems.
Wooden floor maintains very strict, wooden floor needs a user very delicate caress, do carefully, from every detail proceed with is the important link that has protected our wooden floor, and in real life a lot of families often ignored these subtle details.