Is your house suitable for floor heating? Knowledge of floor

2019-09-03 12:57 admin
Floor heating is to achieve the purpose that warm oneself through ground radiate, quantity of heat from below upgrade, give a person a kind of foot warm head cool sense, have health care, comfortable tall, do not occupy the advantage such as the space, because this is applied in domestic heating more and more. So does the floor heat install to have what limitation? Below yi lei kesi air can introduce the relevant knowledge of floor heating for us, see your home is not suitable for installing floor heating.
Floor heating has the cent that shui di warms warmly electric floor, installation of electric floor heating is simpler, charge is not tall also, no matter be, have the family that decorates, can install, very convenient. However, electric floor heating energy consumption, only suitable for a small range of heating, if the area is too large, then later high operating costs are not the average family can afford.
Water floor heating installation will be a lot of trouble, because water floor heating is through hot water in the floor of the pipeline circulation flow to reach a heating room heating way, therefore, install floor heating before no shop floor, or need to pry open the floor, will undoubtedly damage the decoration. In addition, the installation of water floor heating of course to choose a good heat source equipment, that is, the device to heat water, the current market is more common wall hanging furnace, electric boiler, air source heat pump... Among them, the air source heat pump safety system is higher, more energy saving, installation cost is the highest; Wall hanging furnace, natural gas as the heat source, the peak period of winter heating in some areas may meet no gas available embarrassing situation; Electric boiler is a bit cheaper relatively, of course, run cost also can be a lot higher, as to how to choose, be about the circumstance according to oneself family.
In addition, floor heating can occupy a certain height, electric floor heating occupies about 3 ~ 5 centimeters, water floor heating 6 ~ 8 centimeters, consumer must consider this before installing floor heating. And after installed ground to warm, the floor cannot punch, hit nail, lest break bury the conduit below the floor, cause thereby leakage. As for the network spread rumors of terrestrial heat harm to human body, we don't have to worry about, because floor heating is itself without any pollution, only if you choose the high formaldehyde content of wooden floor, after floor heating heating, are volatile, so you just choose the floor is in line with national standards, will not appear pollution of the indoor environment of the phenomenon.